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allthemadwomen's Journal

No rest for the wicked...

23 March 1990
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"Apparently when a demon dies, they pick him up, dust him off, wire him some combat gear, and send him back into battle. No rest for the wicked…"


Androgyny (in both genders), photography, Jrock, aggressive electro/cyber/sleaze music, J-fashion (visual kei, related sub keis, EGL), alternative fashion (Punk, goth, psychobilly, deathrock, glam, new romantic, cyber, etc), internet humour/cartoons, FMV games, cocktails, makeup, Photoshop, Japanese sweets/Pocky


Western: Alpha shemale. David Bowie. The Prodigy. Placebo. Digital asylum. Mindless self indulgence. Johnny Hollow. The Medic droid. Amy Winehouse. Emilie Autumn. Tay Zonday. The Dresden dolls. Daft punk. Toxic lipstick. VAST. Mikadoll. The Beatles. Kelly (omg shoes). Bourgeois & Maurice. Pretty balanced.

Japanese: D'espairsRay. Nightmare. HYDE. SUICIDE ALI. Gackt. DJ SiSeN. The Candy Spooky Theater. Unsraw. The GazettE/Gazette. Kozi. Scar. Miyavi. D. LM.C. MUCC. Kra. Worlds end girlfriend. Dir en grey (1997 - 2005 + October 2007 - present date). Mix Speakers Inc.


George Carlin. Bill Hicks. Noel Fielding.


Hedwig and the angry inch. Howls moving castle. Beetlejuice. Edward Scissorhands. All the Monty Python movies. The Nightmare before Christmas. Tim Burtons Sweeny Todd: the demon barber of fleet street. Party monster. Donnie Darko. Corpse bride. A clockwork orange. Fear and loathing in Las Vegas. Ghost in the shell. Dark water (Japanese original). Terminator 2. Akira. The Matrix. Battle Royale. The evil dead 1 + 2. Moon child. Ghost in the shell. The Rocky horror picture show. A nightmare on elm street. 300. Halloween. American Psycho.


Loveless. Fullmetal alchemist. Serial experiments: Lain. Ergo proxy. Death note. Elfen lied. Gravitation. Paranoia agent. Azumanga daioh (still watching). Cowboy bebop (still watching).


The Mighty Boosh, Blackadder, Takeshis castle, The IT crowd, House... Family guy is also a bit of a giggle, as is American dad.


Street style - Ted Polymous
My Booky Wook - Russell Brand
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